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  - Enchanted Picnic
  - Fairest on Ice
  - Getting Fairest
  - Hat-Tastic
  - Heartstruck
  - Just Sweet
  - Legacy Day
  - Mirror Beach
  - Royally Ever After
  - School Spirit
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  - Spring Unsprung
  - Sugar Coated
  - Thronecoming
  - Through the Woods
  - Way Too Wonderland
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Complete List of Ever After High Dolls

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This is the complete list of all the Ever After High dolls ever released.


Alistair Wonderland - Signature Series

Apple White - Legacy Day

Apple White - Getting Fairest

Apple White - Signature Series

Apple White - Hat-Tastic

Apple White - Thronecoming

Apple White - Mirror Beach

Apple White - Way Too Wonderland

Apple White - Royally Ever After

Apple White - School Spirit

Ashlynn Ella - Signature Series

Ashlynn Ella - Legacy Day

Ashlynn Ella - Mirror Beach

Ashlynn Ella - Through the Woods

Ashlynn Ella - Fairest on Ice

Blondie Lockes - Thronecoming

Blondie Lockes - Through the Woods

Blondie Lockes - Enchanted Picninc

Blondie Lockes - Just Sweet Target Exclusive

Blondie Locks - Signature Series

Briar Beauty - Signature Series

Briar Beauty - Legacy Day

Briar Beauty - Getting Fairest

Briar Beauty - Hat-Tastic

Briar Beauty - Thronecoming

Briar Beauty - Spring Unsprung

Briar Beauty - Way Too Wonderland

Bunny Blanc - Signature Series

C.A Cupid - Signature Series

C.A. Cupid - Thronecoming

C.A. Cupid - Through the Woods

C.A. Cupid - Heartstruck

Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood - Hat-Tastic

Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood - Sugar Coated

Cerise Hood - Signature Series

Cerise Hood - Legacy Day

Cerise Hood - Hat-Tastic

Cerise Hood - Spring Unsprung

Cerise Hood - 2014 SDCC Cerise Wolf

Cerise Hood - Enchanted Picnic

Darling Charming - Signature Series

Dexter Charming - Signature Series

Duchess Swan

Duchess Swan - Fairest on Ice

Farrah Goodfairy - Signature Series

Faybelle Thorn

Ginger Breadhouse - Sugar Coated

Ginger Breadhouse - Signature Series

Holly O'Hair - Signature Series

Holly O'Hair

Holly O'Hair - Sugar Coated

Hunter Huntsman - Signature Series

Justine Dancer - Signature Series

Kitty Cheshire - Spring Unsprung

Kitty Cheshire - Signature Series

Kitty Cheshire - Way Too Wonderland

Lizzie Hearts - Signature Series

Lizzie Hearts

Lizzie Hearts - Way Too Wonderland

Madeline Hatter - Legacy Day

Madeline Hatter - Signature Series

Madeline Hatter - Getting Fairest

Madeline Hatter - Hat-Tastic

Madeline Hatter

Madeline Hatter - Sugar Coated

Madeline Hatter - Way Too Wonderland

Madeline Hatter - Large Scale 17 Inch

Melody Piper - Signature Series

Poppy O' Hair - Through the Woods

Poppy O'Hair - Signature Series

Poppy O'Hare - Fairest On Ice

Raven Queen - Legacy Day

Raven Queen - Getting Fairest

Raven Queen - Signature Series

Raven Queen - Thronecoming

Raven Queen - 2015 SDCC Exclusive

Raven Queen - Enchanted Picnic

Raven Queen - Way Too Wonderland

Raven Queen - School Spirit

Rosabella Beauty - Signature Series